Baby Clothes and Accessories For Girls and Boys

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Baby Headband For Girls

Baby headbands have been around for every but recently they picked up more popularity thanks to social media and more sharing. Now you can find headbands for girls in different colors and styles. A headband takes an otherwise plain or generic outfit to the next level. For newborn babies who can’t and shouldn’t wear busy outfits or rough fabric such as lace or embroidery (which most fancy clothes have), a headband is a great way to add color to their outfit. They are beautiful, are able to make a fashion statement effortlessly and are soft on the skin. Due to the increasing popularity, headbands now come in different styles, fabrics, and colors to match the increase in demand. Baby Bling has a wide collection of bows and headbands for newborn babies and toddlers and offers parents so much variety that there is something for everyone.

Having a baby girl is exciting. It’s an undeniable fact that shopping for a baby girl can be a lot more exciting. There are so many options and styles out there for girls that parents can be adventurous and go the extra mile. Though baby boy clothes are beautiful and readily available, they are just not as many options for boys. The girl section, on the other hand, is always overflowing with new styles.

 Another difference between shopping for boys vs girls is what’s kind of clothes are available. This issue is one that has been brought to light in the last couple of years and is being heavily debated. Girls clothes though they come in different styles are often monotonic in color options and general message is usually very stereotypical to what a backward and ancient society will expect from girls. Meekness, fragility, playing dumb, un-assertive etc. There was a recent news item where a shirt in a department store said: “Cute girls don’t like Algebra”. Complete and absolute absurdity.

The racks are filled with t-shirts that have ponies, pixie dust, unicorns, rainbows etc drawn on them. Then in the boy’s section, you have clothes that are designed and branded with things like NASA, Engineering, Math, Science, being strong, dominating, assertive and adventurous. This needs to change because girls like math and science too and should be encouraged. Clothing is a very integral part of human existence and the clothes one chooses to wear send a message to others. It is an obvious or sometimes subconscious representation of one’s true self. This starts in childhood.


Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the awesome baby clothes and accessories that parents can’t get enough of. Like I mentioned earlier, dressing up a baby girl is fun and exciting for parents and as they grow older and become toddlers, they start to be involved in the process and this is even more fun. Because of the many many options out there to choose from, parents sometimes get overwhelmed and confused as to how to accessorize their baby. Less is more but sometimes more is more fun. Here are some staple accessory items that work every time.

Baby Headbands



Tights are a wardrobe staple. If when you see tights you immediately think of the conventional black or transparent tights then you are about to be shocked. There is a whole new world of tights that have taken over. In children’s clothing, the options are wide spreading with lots of variety. Tights have the ability to elevate an outfit without much effort. Babies need to wear tights most of the time anyway but now they get to show some spunk and style with it. Tights are available in animal prints, flower prints, embroidery, bedazzled, lace, 3D designs, and many many colors.


Fanny Packs


Fanny packs are all the rave now in the fashion industry and kids do not want to be left out. After certain celebrities showed up with fanny packs strapped to their waists everyone wants to get in on the action. Kids too. Like headbands and tights, fanny packs come in different colors, styles, and customizable options and they can be worn by both boys and girls. They give toddlers an added spunk and make them excited about dressing up.



Backpacks are a popular and very useful staple accessory to the adult community but it all started with kids. Backpacks have had a circle of fashion lifespan in that kids started using backpacks for school supplies, adults got on board and started using it for work and further customized it and made it a fashion accessory as well and now kids use it as a fashion accessory also. Backpacks are now available in smaller sizes made in bold colors, prints or customized with cartoon characters. Adding this to an otherwise plain outfit of say a jean and t-shirt takes your kids style up a couple of notches. Kids also get excited about this and bonus point, they can carry around their own stuff!